PW-558F Carton Sealer For Uniform Size Cartons

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PW-558F Carton Sealer For Uniform Size Cartons Carton Sealing Machine

Top And Side Belt Drive
Features :
  • Auto top flaps folding, box sealing top and bottom at the same time, simple to operate, durability and run good performance.
  • Be able to integrate with auto packaging system.
  • New tapping head incorporating a V shaped plate (patented) designed to keep the tape straight in position for consistent sealing of every carton and this design is superior to previous and blower devices.
  • PW-558F has a total of 4 drive belts, two side belts and two top drive belts. Three motors are supplied to drive belts. This machine is special designed for heavy cartons and also suitable for tall and thin cartons.
Technical Specifications
Model PW-558F
Power 1Ø, 220v, 50Hz
Sealing speed 20M/ min (approx.. 11 cartons/min.)
Tape Width 2 inch ( 3 inch Optional )
Carton Range (2”)L200-550 x W200-500 x H120-500mm
Air Pressure 6kg/cm2
Machine Dimension L2086 x W1002 x H1551-1916mm
Weight 325 kg

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