DZ-500/2E Single Chamber Vacuum Pack Machine

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DZ-500/2E Single Chamber Vacuum Pack Machine Vacuum Pack Machine

Features :
  • The machine is equipped with an effective oil-mist cleaning system, it is unnecessary to connect a canal to discharge the gas.
  • This machine can be used conveniently. The whole working procedure can be heat-sealing, cooling and gas exhausting to open the lid.
  • Its sealing temperature and sealing time have a wide scope of adjustment, which make it can fit the packing of many different material films.
  • It installs an emergency stop button on the control panel . If occurring some abnormal situation, it can be stopped by pressing down this button.
Technical Specifications
Model DZ-500/2E
Power 220v, 1.5kw
Chamber Dimension L530 x W525 x H140mm
Sealing Length and Width L500 x W10mm
Sealing Strip 2 pieces
Exhaustibility of Vacuum Pump 20m3 / hour
Dimension L650 x W570 x H1010mm
Weight 125kg

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