BSF-5545LE Automatic Side Sealing Machine


FXJ-5050B Top and Side Belt Driven

PW-557F Carton Sealer For Uniform Size Cartons

PW-555AUC Carton Sealer For Radom Size Cartons

PW-554TS Top And Side Belt Drive

MY-380FW Solik Ink Coding Machine

HP-280 Hot Printer


FRM-980ZQ Aerating And Air Suction Continuous Sealing Machine

FRM-980III Solid Ink Coding Continuous Sealing Machine

FRM-980II Solid Ink Coding Continuous Sealing Machine

FRM-1120W Solid Ink Coding Continuous Sealing Machine

ZP-420 Horizontal Packing Machine

ZP-320 / ZP-380 Horizontal Packing Machine

ZP-2000 / ZP-3000 Horizontal Packing Machine

ZP-100 Horizontal Packing Machine

ME-455FS Stainless Foot Type Sealer

ME-455FI / ME-605FI Foot Type Sealer

ME-455AIS Table Top Impulse Sealer (Stainless Steel)

YC-450F / YC-600F Foot-Type Sealing Machine

TAPI-2100 Air Cooled Auto Induction Sealing Machine

DGYF-S500A Manual Induction Sealing Machine


CHL-4550A Fully Auto L-Type Sealer

CHM-8040A+CN-8540E Auto Sleeve Type Sealer

CHL-5050B Semi-Auto L-Type Sealer

CH-450LB Manual L-Type Sealer

VP-400 Multihead Weighing Packing Machine


ME-300DH / ME-400DH Hand Held Crimp Sealer

YC-600H(R) Hand Type Sealing Machine

TW-450E Cling Film Wrapping Machine

ME-150DH Hand Held Crimp Sealer

PW-1621AL-PF Pallet Wrapping Machine

PW-1521RA-T2 Pallet Wrapping Machine

PW-1521R-T2 Pallet Wrapping Machine


N600H Portable Bag Closer

QF-600L/S Pneumatic Sealer


BS-5030X High Speed Shrink Tunnel Machine

BS-6040L / BS-6050L PE Shrink Tunnel Machine

BS-4535LA / BS-6535LA Shrink Tunnel Machine

BS-4525L Shrink Tunnel Machine

TB-390 Skin Pack Machine


P-30 Taping Machine

PW-316HS Semi-Auto Strapping Machine

PW-0860YS2 Fully Auto Strapping Machine

PW-0860A Automatic Strapping Machine

DZQ-600/S Single Chamber Vacuum Gas-Flushing Packaging Machine

HVC-510F/2A Single Chamber Vacuum Pack Machine

J-V023 Continuous Auto Vacuum Pack Machine

DZ-600/S Single Chamber Vacuum Pack Machine

DCK-240 Granule Packing Machine

DCJ-240 Liquid/Paste Packing Machine

DCF-240 /300 Powder Packing Machine


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